Psychologist and adult ADHD specialist

About me

Hi, my name is Kate D’Anvers and I am a registered psychologist originally from New Zealand. I work with people in the creative industries and adults with ADHD (diagnosed or suspected).
I’m also open to working with anyone who feels they need help with stress, depression, burnout, anger, guilt, motivation, people pleasing or perfectionism.
I live in Amsterdam with my Swedish / Canadian husband and our two small children. Prior to moving here eight years ago I lived in Vietnam, so I’m familiar with a lot of the challenges that come from moving away from your home country and settling somewhere without the support of friends or family.
I’ve been working in this field for over twenty years, so I have a broad range of knowledge and experience to draw from, allowing me to work with you quickly and effectively.
Currently I’m only offering appointments online.


I mainly work with people in the creative industries and entrepreneurs but I am very open to working with anyone who…
  • is living with a growing sense of anxiety or stress
  • wonders if they might be depressed (but perhaps can't work out why)
  • worries that they might be heading towards burnout or are actually experiencing burnout
  • finds themselves stuck in patterns of behaviour that they would like to change
  • struggles with people pleasing and perfectionism
  • is finding life more tiring and less inspiring than they would like
  • looks from the outside like they 'have it all' but internally are struggling to feel okay
  • just needs help 'sorting their s**t out'!


I have extensive experience in working with adults with ADHD (suspected or diagnosed)
This can include helping you to:
  • understand more about your ADHD and how it impacts you
  • improve your organisational skills, motivation and focus
  • find workable strategies to address your procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing
  • understand and reduce the sense of anger / shame / not being good enough / imposter syndrome that so many adults with ADHD experience
  • stop relying on last minute panic to get things done
  • avoid 'mini-burnouts' - those days when it's impossible to get anything done, despite your best intentions
  • address depression and anxiety with an ADHD-focused approach (as ADHD often causes these issues)
  • build habits, stick with hobbies and reach goals
  • learn more about the lesser known aspects of ADHD such as rejection sensitivity, a painful intolerance of boredom, constantly overcommitting yourself, trouble making decisions (despite having researched ALL the options twice) etc.


The ADHD Assessment is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Initial Appointment (90 minutes)
  2. ADHD Computer Test (45 minutes)
  3. Self-Assessment Reports
  4. Follow-up Appointment (90-120 minutes)
  5. Comprehensive Written Report

The total cost for the ADHD assessment services outlined above is €725. If you would prefer to pay in three instalments this is possible - please let me know

Payment plan


You are welcome to self refer. You don't need a letter from your doctor or any other source.

Make an appointment

If you would like to speak to me first please send me a message. I'd be very happy to have a free phone consultation with you to see whether we'd be a good fit and answer any questions you may have.

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Sessions are 50 minutes and cost €110. Unfortunately and very frustratingly you cannot use any type of Dutch insurance to pay for sessions nor can you claim back any costs. If you have international insurance it is very likely you can claim are imbursement but you will need to check directly with them of course. Some companies offer a coaching / self development budget for their staff which is also often possible to use. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask me